Ford GPW Parts

ww2dbaseThe nearly identical Willys MB and Ford GPW reconnaissance cars were manufactured from 1941 to 1945. They made up 98% of all models built in WWII and they are the iconic World War II Jeep.

ww2dbaseJeeps, from whatever manufacturer, served with distinction in every combat zone and every "rear area" of the war. Field modifications were endless; from VIP limousines to garbage trucks, from litter carriers to artillery platforms, from the messenger service to heavily armed rapid strike assault vehicles. They drove over good roads, through deep mud, forded streams, sped over sand, and some even went to sea. In Naval service, besides being used around shore bases in the same ways as at any other military base, some were used aboard fleet carriers as aircraft "tugs." In the ETO, many Jeeps were field-modified with a 3-ft vertical steel bar welded to the center of the front bumper to break decapitation wires strung across roads.

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