Willys MB Parts

The nearly identical Willys MB and Ford GPW reconnaissance cars were manufactured from 1941 to 1945. They made up 98% of all models built in WWII and they are the iconic World War II Jeep.

Willys made its first 25,000 MB Jeeps with a welded flat iron "slat" radiator grille. It was Ford who first designed and implemented the familiar and distinctive stamped slotted steel grille, which was lighter and better suited to mass production. Ford was the expert in mass production so many of their design features, including the stamped grille, were adopted by Willys and implemented into the standard WWII Jeep by April 1942. The grille became such an iconic symbol for the rugged, reliable, and beloved Jeep that rights to the image are still a coveted corporate asset to this day.

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